PSME Healthcard

The fundamental goal of the PSME health card is to provide an affordable, cost-effective and access to quality health care for PSME members and their family. We aim to promote awareness on the importance of health care and contribute savings on medical costs, by providing health care assistance thru discounted rates on medical care from top medical doctors in leading hospitals in the country.

The PSME Health Card was achieved thru the partnership between the PSME and iConnex Solutions Inc. (iConnex HealthCare Solutions) inspired with the objective to;
Support PSME members who work hard to build a better future, not just for their family but also for our country.


• Consultations / Check-up
• Minor & Major Surgery / Operation procedures
• Confinement (Hospital admission)
• In-patient / Out-patient procedures

up to 35% Discount on other accredited service providers

• Skin Care
• Dental Services
• Dermatological Services
• Aesthetics Services
• Laboratory and Diagnostics Services

Discounted rates are not applicable and does not cover E.R. Cases and Hospital Bills.

Product Features

No Age Limit, Inclusion of infants & Senior Citizens

Coverage of pre-existing Conditions (Cancer, High blood, Diabetes, etc.)

Coverage of maternity cases

Unlimited use for 1 year

No monthly fees

Applicable to 10,000 ++ Accredited medical doctors and specialists from 279 accredited hospitals nationwide (Including all major hospitals)

Value of the Discount on Doctors Professional Fee?

Patient’s medical bill breakdown on a medical procedure is generally divided in two sections; doctor’s Professional fees and hospital bill. In most cases, the patient’s total medical bill are 70% for doctors’ Professional fee and 30% for the Hospital bill.

Sample breakdown:
Check-up / Consultation: 100% Doctors Fee on total medical bill
* Check-up / Consultation fee of Doctor’s expertise
* Interpretation of medical tests

Cases with medical procedures: (Surgery / Operation for In-patient or Out-patient procedures)
Ex. Maternity Case;
Doctor’s professional fee (60% – 70%) on total medical bill
* OB-GYN (Maternal surgery)
* Anesthesiologist (Support for maternal surgery)
* Pediatrician (Medical management on infant)

Hospital bill (30% – 40%) on total medical bill
* Room and Board
* Use of operating room and recovery room
* Hospital equipment rental
* Consumables and Pharmacy (alcohol, gauzes, medicine, etc.…)

Cardholder’s privilege on Lower Doctors’ professional fee rates reduces the total medical bill, thus, providing members of the PSME Health Card savings on their healthcare.